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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Fri, 17.11.17 15:15
The Collectors Newsletter No. 1108 November 17 2017
1. Holiday gifts!

It's definitely not too early to start online shopping for the upcoming
holidays! Our dealers are loading up their stores with goodies for the
holidays! They offer all kinds of antiques and collectibles, making shopping
easier than ever. Vintage holiday decorations are a must these days! Visit and use our search to shop, or shop by categories, listed
on the far left of the page.

2. Black Friday sales

Every day we publish "press releases" from our sellers who are offering special
sales, discounts on shipping, promoting special items, etc. Visit to see the latest. Hovering over the image
displays the message from that particular store. Come see what you can find!

Here are some Black Friday press releases:

Silversnow Antiques and More
10% off on all items Nov 24 through Nov 27. The coupon code will be displayed
on the site. Holiday Ornaments, Molds, Platters, Hollow Stem Champagne Glasses
AND Much More!

More Than McCoy
Black Friday Pre-Sales & New Inventory includes: Nippon; Art Pottery;
Porcelain; Glass; Primitives; Teacups; Vanity Accessories; Art; Linens; Spice
Sets; Native Americana; Majolica; Doorstops; Bookends; Copper; etc.

Brenda's Jewelry Box
Black Friday Special thru November 30th on this vintage pearl necklace set;
just make an offer of a 20% discount and it will be accepted.
-also includes
BG's Classic Art Pottery & Ceramics and

Fort Logan Antiques and Collectibles

A Date In Time
Black Friday Sale Now On at A Date In Time! Save 20% On Everything!
Specializing in Vintage Magazines, Sheet Music, PinUps and More. International
orders welcome. Credit Cards through Paypal.

Victorian Grace Art-Antiques-Collectible Jewelry
Black Friday Offers: Free shipping on Religious Medals and Jewelry orders of
$75 Coupon: SHIPFREE. OR coupon for $10 off orders of $100 coupon: 10NOV.
Over 4500 special finds!

HNHCO Enterprises LLC
Black Friday Specials: Holiday Gifts and Collectibles: Frankie Fiber Optic
Scarecrow, Musical Snowman Pillow, Holiday Tree with Train, Tina the Snowlady
and Tommy the Talking Snowman Greeters now available.

Ads By Dee
Black Friday Sale at Ads By Dee. Save 20% on every order. Vintage
Advertisements make Great Gifts and Awesome Home Decorations. Credit Cards
accepted through Paypal. International Orders Welcomed

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